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Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP)
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Welcome to Banner Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP), an automated program that allows you to review your progress toward completing the requirements of your degree program. Please note that the CAPP report is not an official degree plan.

Checking Prerequisites: Prerequisites determine the minimum level of ability needed to take a course. This can include coursework, minimum GPA, test scores, and department/college approval. A prerequisite is a course or requirement you must have completed before registering in a more advance course. Find out about prerequisites prior to registration using the UHD Catalog, the class schedule, or via My Degree Evaluation. If you are denied registration in a course due to not meeting prerequisites but believe this to be incorrect, contact your advisor. Students registered for courses that have not satisfied prerequisites by the deadline will be dropped from the course.

Understanding Your CAPP evaluation

When you run a CAPP evaluation, the resulting screen displays all degree requirements you have completed through courses taken at UHD or transferred from an accredited U.S. institution and also displays the degree requirements you have not yet completed. Degree requirements are grouped in areas (like Common Core Requirements) labeled with a blue header; if you have met all requirements in the area, you will see "Met" in the area. If there are uncompleted requirements in the area, you will see "Not Met" in the Blue area header.
Within each area of the report, you can review each specific degree requirements that is completed and not yet completed. Each degree requirement that you have completed is labeled in the Met column as "Yes"; requirements not yet completed are labeled "No."

Common Core Requirements - Met
Met? Requirement Term Satisfied By Title Credits Grade Source
Yes ENG_COMP FA-2005 ENG 1301 Composition I 3.00 C UHD
    FA-2009 ENG 1302 Composition II 3.00 B Tran

Display Format

A toggle box is located at the top of the evaluation report that allows you to switch between "Standard Display" and "Full Text." The Full Text Display lists all courses that can be used to satisfy each degree requirements. Standard Display omits the list of courses options for each requirement that you have met, resulting in a shorter report but will display the course options for each unmet requirement.

Current Registration

CAPP automatically recognizes your registration in current and future semester courses at UHD. Courses in which you are enrolled are identified in red as "Reg". When you change your registration in future semester, rerun CAPP and it will automatically change the display to include the changes in your registration.

Courses Not Used

This final area of CAPP displays any courses that cannot be used or that do not meet any degree requirements. These generally include workforce training courses not designed for transfer; developmental courses like Math 1300; courses with grades of I, W, F; and courses that cannot meet any degree requirements.

IMPORTANT!: A few issues are detailed below:

Layout and Formatting

Due to programming requirements, the layout of degree programs in CAPP does not duplicate the formatting of paper degree plans. But College and Department representatives have tested and verified the results.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Issues

CAPP uses UHD's official evaluation of transfer courses for which you have submitted transcripts. If you believe there is an error in articulating a particular transfer course, you should discuss the articulation with an advisor either in your College Advising office if you are a declared major or in the Academic Advising Center, located in S-320 of the One Main building.

If our transcript evaluators find that the original transfer evaluation should be corrected or that the transfer course should be included in another section of the CAPP report, they will correct the issue and CAPP will display the updated information. Allow one week for admissions to review your request.

Missing or Incomplete Transcripts

If you are currently enrolled in a course at a transfer institution, send UHD an updated transcript after grades are posted. Please have your institution send transcripts electronically (EDI), if possible since this will significantly speed our evaluation.